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We Are
Our Company
FDP Marketing SDN BHD
FDP Marketing Sdn Bhd was founded in the year 1985 and we are the pioneer in Malaysia in the Fruit Juice Market. We now have 4 decades of experience and track record serving the very diverse and demanding needs of the HORECA industry and the Modern Trade industry.

Our core focus is to provide top notch products and excellent services to our customers. As such, we are focusing on the production and one stop distribution chain from warehousing to logistic as well as export. Apart of this, Product innovation and R&D activities are carried out to ensure we maintain as the leading fruit juice manufacturer in Malaysia.
Fruit Juice Providers & Supplies
Nationwide Fruit Juice Provider & Services
As the leading high-quality, preferred fruit juice manufacturer, our 4,560 square meter manufacturing facility is built to industry standards to serve the production demands of every state in Malaysia as well as Brunei. To further enhance our services, our headquarters is also a distribution centre. We also have 3 administrative/sales offices in Miri, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu to fulfil the needs of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei markets.

With the help of the country's halal hub accreditation, we'll continue to widen and deepen our export footprint while putting a lot of effort into halal markets.

Our extensive capabilities also allow us to offer marketing support, product innovation and OEM solutions, warehousing and logistic services.
Our Vision
Fostering Trust, Expanding Delight: Our vision is to be a beacon of trust in the fruit juice industry. By diversifying our products, we cater to varied tastes. As we extend to Southeast Asia, we create a global community united by the joy of our juices. Every sip reflects a promise of quality and shared delight.
Our Mission
Elevating Wellness, Crafting Joy: Our mission is to produce top-quality, No sugar added beverages that inspire a healthier lifestyle. Committed to sustainable sourcing and innovative practices, we aim to delight consumers with refreshing choices. Beyond crafting delicious juices, we champion wellness, sustainable agriculture, and positive community impact. Every bottle is a commitment to a healthier, happier world.
We are primarily focused on providing the best product quality, service and delivery.